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Wearing a chronograph watch gives a statement of sophistication! Many rich and prominent people wear chronographs because of it is stimulating and adventurous look. Yet, not only because of it is glamorous effigy is a chronograph a valuable timepiece, but it is likewise due to it is craftsmanship and complex mechanism.

A chronograph watch is not just a simple timepiece. It is a timepiece with a stopwatch function in addition to regular timekeeping. This feature allows one to measure elapsed time – for example, measuring the duration of a sporting event. Therefore, chronographs have become very usual by galore great athletes.

Although a chronograph watch might appear to be very perplexed with all it is buttons and sub dials, it is genuinely very simple to use. Following is an easy-to-understand comprehensible statement on how this watch works.

Chronograph watches have two buttons on the right side of the case. The top button, the one positioned at around two o’clock, starts and stops the stopwatch. When the button is pressed, a big seconds hand starts moving around the dial, finishing a full round of the dial in 60 seconds. When the button is lowspirited again, the hand stops moving. So if you want to time the duration of a short event, just depress the top button at the start out of the race and again at the precise moment the finishing line is crossed. Now look where the hand stopped – that is how a good deal of seconds the race took. Once you have recorded the elapsed time and you want to reset the chronograph hand to it is zero position, at twelve o’clock, press the lower right button. You are now ready to start out timing your next event! It is that simple! Just start, stop and reset!

Now, what are all the sub dials for?

Firstly, you will see one sub dial which runs continuously in seconds intervals and is not affected by any of the buttons. This is your seconds hand, as opposed to a huge hand on the full dial as it is on non-chronographs.

Next, your chronograph might have a sub-dial which is your minute counter. The minute sub dial is employed to record events lasting amidst one to thirty minutes. You press the same top right button which starts the big chronograph hand. Every time the big chronograph hand reaches it is zero position again, meaning another minute elapsed, the minute sub dial will move one mark. At the end of the event, press the top button again and both the huge hand and the minute sub dial will stop. Now check the readings on the minute sub dial in addition to the number of seconds. Once you have recorded the duration of the race, press the reset button. The minute counter and the huge hand are now back to it is zero position and it’s time for the next dash.

Some Chronographs may have further and added sub dials. You might have one sub dial showing 3 or 12-hour calibrations. This counter records longer events, like airplane flights. It takes the huge chronograph hand to circle the dial 60 times for this sub dial to move one notch, showing one hour elapsed.

You may realize that one of the sub dials moves quickly when the stopwatch function is stopped. You are probably seeing tenths or hundredths of a second being measured.

Since each chronograph watch has a dissimilar number of sub dials and features, you must read the watch manual for the precise functions of your watch. Just do not forget – your chronograph is not just a simple timepiece. It is a sophisticated timepiece with “complications”, yet simple to use.

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Armitron Mens 204067 Easy To Read Black

The Armitron(r) men’s analog sport watch with Instalite(r) mixes a stylish look with rugged ease for your workout. It’s constructed with a water-resistant resin case and webbing strap with hook-and-loop closure.

This analog Armitron watch has athletic looks and rugged construction to withstand your active lifestyle. A comfortable nylon band joins to a round, stainless steel case with a gray bezel that adds to the lasting design. The black dial of this timepiece lights up with Instalite technology and showcases easy-to-read white Arabic-numeral hour indicators as well as little stick minute indicators and 24-hour hour indicators. A red sweeps second hand and luminescent hour hands round out the handsome looks of this watch, which is ranked water immune to 165 feet.

The Armitron Story

For over 50 years Armitron has been providing premium quality and fashionable timepieces at an particular value. Our timepieces are constructed from the most eminent quality materials and undergo stringent quality control testing to make sure that each model will withstand the test of time. We are committed to creating timepieces that exemplify our passion for fine craftsmanship, contemporary styling and superior value.

Whether it’s an each day timepiece or one for that particular occasion, the Armitron Mens’ collection is sure to have the style you are looking for. From progressed day dress to weekend casual, Armitron Men’s timepieces feature all stainless steel cases and bracelets, authenti ceramic, multi-function movements, authenti diamonds, Swarovski crystals, lasting ionic plating and are all water immune from 100 feet.

Our Armitron Now collection offers fashion-forward timepieces for the style-savvy woman. Our ladies’ timepieces feature brilliant diamonds, Swarovski crystals, authenti ceramic, natural mother of pearl and trendy colors and finishes. From dressy to casual, day to night, Armitron Now is sure to have that perfective timepiece to please the most discerned woman.

Armitron’s All-Sport collection combines sports function with athletic styling for both men and women. All-Sport features include dual times, 24-hour alarms, chronographs, Instalite night vision displays and are water-resistant up to 330 feet.

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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.
2Velcro band just not a good idea
I was looking for a cloth band and saw this one with the Velcro clasp which sounded like an easy way to fasten. The Velcro does not hold up and, after a short time of wearing, keeps coming unfastened.

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful.
5Men’s watch
By Kalakoakat
Pretty good bargain for the cost and durability of watch. The band adjusts easily to my son’s tiny wrist, tells time clearly, looks classy and he likes the gift.

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful.
2Crystal Leaked :(
By Charles Smith
Got the watch shipped quickly :) Opened the box and liked what I saw. For less than $20 I was pleased.
Watch is a little thick and sits a tiny-bit high on the wrist but that’s not a deal-breaker. Has nice dial, easy to read and the illumination function is top-notch. The problem was with the crystal or housing not being water-tight. Says it’s water resistent up to 165 feet. Well I bought this watch to wear at the beach. After an afternoon in the surf, I noticed later that the crystal had water beads in it and the next day I could barely read the time due to increased condensation of vapor.
So I shipped it back as it was defective and didn’t live up to the “water-resistence” claim…guess I should’ve dove to 165 feet. Had it not been for this I would’ve kept it. Bought one for my wife and hers didn’t have any issues (she wore hers at the beach too!..go figure!)

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Armitron Mens 204067 Easy To Read Black

Armitron Mens 204067 Easy To Read Black Pic

Armitron Mens 204067 Easy To Read Black

Armitron Mens 204067 Easy To Read Black Picture

Armitron Mens 204067 Easy To Read Black

Armitron Mens 204067 Easy To Read Black Photo

Armitron Mens 204067 Easy To Read Black

Armitron Mens 204067 Easy To Read Black Image

Armitron Mens 204067 Easy To Read Black

Armitron Mens 204067 Easy To Read Black Image

Armitron Mens 204067 Easy To Read Black

Armitron Mens 204067 Easy To Read Black Picture

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