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Allen bike racks are a lot of of the best bicycle rack carriers for cars, trucks, and SUVs for sale. This car bike rack company has been around a while and makes sturdy and dependable spare tire, hitch mount, and trunk bike racks for all dissimilar types of vehicles. There is for the most part likely a bicycle carrier model that is perfective for your automobile.

Trunk racks are popular as numerous humans drive sedans and hatchback vehicles. Allen racks for trunks brag clear arch feet. This allows for greatest or most complete or best possible vehicle clearance once mounted on the vehicle. The setup is easy as most come pre-assembled and made to be employed one way, so you will never get it wrong. For rack carrier models that may carry multiple bikes, there are ordinarily distinguished tie downs for each bicycle for better reliability and security.

Another usual type of Allen bike rack is the hitch mount models. These, like the trunk models have person tie-downs for racks that carry assorted bikes. The design of the rack arm is such that it may be folded out of the way when not in use. This is a very commodious feature. Most of these hitch bike racks may hold a single cycle to up to four bikes. Minor assemblage is required on respective models. If you have a hitch-mount on your vehicle and need to carry assorted bikes, then a sturdy hitch-mounted rack by Allen may be the way to go.

For vehicles like jeeps and SUVs, Allen Sports makes particular bike carriers that are spare tire mounted. The good thing with these is that your bike is carried rather high. This increments it is distance from the road and exhaust pipe. This is a good thing. As with the others, these come assembled, which is nice. Separate tie downs for each bicycle for optimal security as well like the trunk and hitch models.

If you are looking for storage choices for how, Allen bike racks makes utile bike storing merchandise for indoors and outdoors. They have ground bicycle storage schemes like those found in the public for securing your cycle. Many are double-sided and come in a classic black powder finish for clean styling.

As you may see, Allen Sports is all competent the cycling community with it is a great deal of productions for the cyclist. This trusted company has all you could want in the bike racking and storage business. If you’re in the market for a good car rack, Allen racks is a great place to begin your search.

Allen Premium 5 Bike Hitch Mount Rack

Premium 5 bike carrier for 2″ Hitch

Carry your bicycles securely and keep away from the hassles of piled bikes or high threshold rooftop mounts, with the Allen Premium 4-Bike Hitch Mount Rack. Fitting vehicles with a 2-inch trailer hitch only, the Allen Premium Hitch Mount Rack boasts the new Quick Carry Arm Release, making it both easy to operate and super secure for your bikes. Constructed out of steel with a lasting black powder finish, the rack is built to last and is backed up by a lifetime warranty by Allen.

The Allen rack boasts a patented tie-down system and on an individual basis cradles up to five bikes in the 28-inch carry arms. A discerned tie down strap is included with the rack and does away with lower bike motion completely. As easy to install as it is to use, the rack sets up in less than 5 minutes with a no-wobble bolt that holds it still within the hitch. When the rack is not in use, the carry arms quickly drop out of the way and fold down flat with a patented single pin mechanism and the rack tilts up to grant easy access to the lift gate.


  • Fits vehicles with a 2-inch trailer hitch
  • Holds up to five bikes
  • 28-inch carry arms
  • Individual bike cradles
  • Steel construction
  • Black powder coat finish
  • Patented single key release system
  • Tie down strap
  • Minor assemblage required

About Allen Bike Racks:
In 1967, after a few years of working on the aerospace technology for the Apollo missions, Dick Allen was out of a job. Government cutbacks led Allen, a Harvard-trained physicist, to transform his garage sideline into a new industry. A cycling enthusiast, inventor, and family man, Allen had a personal need for a bike-carrying device. On weekends, he would take his sons and wife to Cape Cod or the White Mountains of New Hampshire. What proved difficult time and again was the transport of his family’s bicycles. Rather than fight through inconvenience with twine and a dinged car, Allen sought an answer for himself as well as a market in which he foresaw major growth possibilities.

Always a pathfinder, Allen took to work in his Lincoln, Massachusetts garage in search of a more effective way to transport bikes. Drafting designs for the duration of the day and manufacturing them allround the night, he put together a model made of electrical conduit, metal strapping, and fire hose casings (for padding). At first, the Allens tested the prototype on weekend excursions. Finding the basi trunk-mounted rack to be a success, Dick started Allen Bike Racks. Dealer acceptance came quickly, and by 1971 Allen Bike Racks were sold nationally through a number of major bicycle distributors. Today, the company owns over three-dozen patents and offers a versatile product line of bike racks while Dick’s son Alex now owns and operates the business. What started out as a little garage run operation now operates three warehouses nationally, two factories abroad, and has productions sold in more than a dozen countries around the world.

Manufacturer’s Warranty
Lifetime warranty

Most helpful customer reviews

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5Would highly recommend this rack to anyone.
By G. Henry
Perspective: I am a mother of three young boys ages 8, 6 and 3. So when we go out as a family we have an adult men’s bike, an adult women’s bike and, at the moment, 2 youth boys bikes. We are not avid bicyclists, so we don’t have any of the fancy, lightweight, more thin-framed bikes. Just your run of the mill Wal-Mart brand, bulky kids and adult bikes. This is our second 5-bike bicycle rack in as many years and I LOVE this one so much more than our last for multiple reasons. We attach it to our Honda Odyssey with a 2″ hitch.

1) This rack not only has a ball joint (for lack of a better word) to hold the pivoting arm in place, but it also has a locking pin. DOUBLE the protection. I feel much safer with this mechanism should I ever repeat my previous mistake with our first bike rack, although not likely. :)
————————-Bought our first bike rack off eBay for about $60. Although it certainly held our bikes, albeit with little room to spare, it wobbled and shimmied like CRAZY when we drove, making the longer trips for vacations a little more anxiety ridden. I was constantly looking in the mirror to make sure it wasn’t about to come crashing down or wobble so hard that it would break. It never did, mind you, but I once forgot to replace the locking pin for the part of the rack that pivots out of the way so you can access the tailgate without having to remove the rack entirely. Made it the entire trip (2 hours) without it falling…amazingly…but one mile from our destination we hit a pothole and the rack was jostled just enough to cause it to pivot out of sight and come crashing down behind us with all the bikes on it. Stayed intact and the bikes were unscathed, but the steel upright of the rack was forever bent which caused the bikes to ride too low to the ground to make it safe anymore.

2) The cradles that the bikes rest on swivel 360 degrees making it VERY easy to connect the bikes just about any way you need to.
————————Our old bike rack had cushioned (rubber) cradles, but they did not move, so to get the kids’ bikes attached they were sitting in the rack at all sorts of crazy angles! Rear wheel way in the air with the front end of the bike facing the ground, etc. The youth bikes now-a-days have some very THICK frames. They LOOK cool, but aren’t the most efficient when trying to mount them to a bike rack. The Allen bike rack allowed us to attach the bikes not just along a horizontal plane, but we could attach the left cradle to the vertical column at the handle bars by turning the cradle to the left and the right cradle to the horizontal bar going across the bike…or any other way necessary! love, Love, LOVE it! It’s especially easy with the smaller bikes that don’t have enough space between the front and back vertical pieces to allow BOTH arms of the rack to pass between them. (hope this makes sense)

3) Arms very quickly and easily swing down and out of the way for storage when bikes aren’t loaded.

4) Thought it would be a little weird having one bike mounted BETWEEN the car and the rack the other four on the other side of the rack. Wasn’t sure how it would all fit and whether or not there would be enough room to get the bike in there easily.
——————No problem. The rack sits about a foot from the car. Does not look odd. Bike easy to maneuver in there.

5) Women’s bikes do NOT require the cross bar attachment so often recommended to mount to the rack. Why? See reason #2. I actually bought one when I purchased the rack and it sits unused. Didn’t use it even once and we’ve already taken our bikes on 4 outings. So, save your money.

6) Hitch pin really DOES cause the rack not to wobble one bit! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! That rack is in there tightly and securely. Of course, their special anti-wobble pin doesn’t have a method to lock it into place, so you lose that option. Not so much a concern for us, but if you are in an area where these types of racks get stolen, you may need to invest in another anti-wobble option that has a locking aspect to it. I was truly amazed, however, at how the pin they provided really did keep the rack from moving in the hitch. It didn’t look that different from any other pin, but works great!

Con: Can’t lock the bikes into the cradles, but just buy a long enough bike lock that it can wind between all the bikes and you’re good to go.

Hope this helps! Kids bikes are able to be attached without much trouble at all! After figuring out how they best fit the first time around, thereafter it’s a cinch.

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5Good value
Just got this rack to replace a Yakima 4-bike carrier with the swing away feature. The Yakima rack was outstanding. Here’s how this one stacks up (IMO)

Initial impression:
Looks okay, overall construction is not nearly as stout as the Yakima which weighs probably 15-20 pounds more. Release levers, pins, etc. don’t feel as solid.

Attaching to vehicle:
Pretty straight forward. Slide the rack into the receiver and tighten with 2 3/4″ sockets. Yakima was slightly easier as you only need one wrench to tighten.
Rack does not sway side to side, but does have some up and down play, as did the Yakima. One downside is that the lock for this rack is quite pricey. Don’t forget the lock is only a deterrent. A smart and determined thief can walk away with most of your rack even if it’s locked.

Loading bikes:
Quite a bit easier with this rack. The Yakima cradles are significantly larger and use bulky rubber straps. It’s easier to maneuver small bikes on to this rack. No problem loading men’s women’s or kids’ bikes. Although the Yakima rubber straps made loading the bikes more difficult, they do feel much more secure once snapped in to place. The nylon “backpack style” straps on this Allen Rack seem like they could loosen, time will tell whether that’s really the case. Fit 5 bikes on the rack with no problem at all. Bike closest to the vehicle gets pretty close, so make sure it doesn’t sway and bump into your car.

Tilt down feature:
Works well, but if your back door swings sideways instead of up, you may not be able to open the door completely (innermost bike will probably get in the way). Speaking of lowering the rack when bikes are loaded, you’re going to need a strong arm and back especially if you’re doing it by yourself. You’ll be squatting under the rack, pulling the pin with one hand and supporting the weight of almost 5 bikes with your other arm. Getting the rack back up into position is actually easier than lowering it. This is where the Yakima really shines. The swing away feature works great no matter which way the hatch on your vehicle opens, and is easy for one person to do. Unfortunately, I need space for 5 bikes and such a rack doesn’t exist.

This rack does seem like a great value. It does what it’s supposed to and is very easy to use for the most part. Will update after we’ve had a chance to take it beyond just the neighborhood.

Fully loaded the rack with 5 bikes for a 4 day trip to Joshua Tree National Park. Worked great on the street, freeway, and even over a few miles of dirt road. Rack stayed secure, bikes stayed secure, I’m bumping my rating up to 5 stars.

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5Very pleased
By P. Prokop
After comparing features and prices of different bike racks, we went with the Allen. I was pleasantly surprised that it does, in fact, accommodate 5 bikes. A little jockeying is necessary to get seats and handle bars to fit with each other when the bikes are different sizes and styles, but they all go on – and it is much much easier the second time. Do not attempt to lower the rack with the bikes already on it. The lowering feature is good for gaining access to the back of the car, but you have to have the bikes off in order to bring it back up again and get the pin inserted. The convenience features of the premium model are well worth the few extra bucks. Rather than wrestling with a pin for each function, the latches that come with the premium model make it much easier.

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Allen Premium 5 Bike Hitch Mount Rack

Allen Premium 5 Bike Hitch Mount Rack Pic

Allen Premium 5 Bike Hitch Mount Rack

Allen Premium 5 Bike Hitch Mount Rack Pic

Allen Premium 5 Bike Hitch Mount Rack

Allen Premium 5 Bike Hitch Mount Rack Pic

Allen Premium 5 Bike Hitch Mount Rack

Allen Premium 5 Bike Hitch Mount Rack Photo

Allen Premium 5 Bike Hitch Mount Rack

Allen Premium 5 Bike Hitch Mount Rack Pic

Allen Premium 5 Bike Hitch Mount Rack

Allen Premium 5 Bike Hitch Mount Rack Photo

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